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Photography for advertising is defined as a photo or series of photos that tell a story. That story can be told by the use of props, lighting, background or actual position of the subject.

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Photography of people can be used to simply introduce who someone one is. More often the people we photography are part of a story. The are photographed to demonstrate, create a size relationship or simply to add beauty.

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Product photography is our specialty. Our product photos are used in catalogs, websites, press releases, brochures or wall art. Product are shot by themselves, in complicated sets or beautifully styled with simple props or drop out images.

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Fine Art Reproduction

We are experienced in photographing fine art for reproduction. We have photographed paintings, sculptures, pen and ink drawings, ancient texts, books, photographs and many forms of multimedia art. We have worked with the San Diego Museum of History, San Diego Museum of Natural History andSan Diego Museum of Fine Art. We work on location or in our studio.

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Our projects are initiated to test our skills, create new methods and to keep our entire team challenged. We pick a subject or theme; and through team meetings we determine what to shoot, how to shoot it and what the message of the photo should convey. Everyone on our staff participates and adds to our projects.

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